Alexis’ Heirloom Pearl Necklace: Chapter 3

September 8, 2017

Alexis accomplish off the even at the Newcastle Airport in Scotland. For her 18th birthday, which is tomorrow, her parents are demography her to appointment Hadrian’s Wall. Alexis has consistently been absorbed with actual sites. She had capital to see Hadrian’s Bank anytime aback she aboriginal apprehend about it.

After visiting the absorbing Great Arctic Museum the next morning, they trekked to the abutting charcoal of the wall. They absolved forth the bank for a while, and if they came to the top of a acropolis overlooking afar and afar of amazing rolling hills with baby white spots of sheep, they chock-full to rest.

While still communicable her breath, her mom puts a letter on her lap. Finally! Alexis was apprehensive if her mom would accord her the next letter from Grandma! For both her 16th and 17th birthdays she accustomed a letter from her grandmother – and a fair chaplet for her 16th – and she had appear to apprehend one. Alexis tore the envelope accessible and started to apprehend the letter.

My baby Alexis,

Today I wish to acquaint you about your ancestor, Blythe. Blythe was built-in about 118 AD in the Roman arena of Britannia, a few years afore the architecture of Hadrian’s Bank began.

Alexis looks up into her parents animated faces. So, that’s why they chose to biking to Scotland this year!

Blythe’s was the babe of a Roman engineer, Atticus, who was in allegation of the architecture and architecture of the wall. Her mother, Eathelin, was a Britannia native, and the babe of a bounded farmer. The two of them met one day if Eathelin, on her way aback from the market, anesthetized Atticus who was demography abstracts for the wall.

During her adolescent years, Blythe’s ancestors were consistently on the move. Her dad would baby-sit the bank construction, and her mom abounding to the vegetable area which fed the soldiers who were architecture the wall. If Blythe wasn’t covered with mud from the gardens, she played in the limestone quarries or the forests area the soldiers cut copse to body the mile castles (forts). True to her name, she brought joy and acclamation to anybody about her. The Roman legionnaires were actual addicted of her.

The arctic Caledonian tribes did not accept of the bank architecture – afterwards all, it was congenital to accumulate them out. They were consistently spying on the bank construction. One day, if Blythe was about 14 years old, she was arena in the backwoods on the arctic ancillary of the wall. While aggravating to bolt a little butterfly, she wandered too far abroad from home. Barbaric spies were cheating through the backwoods and seeing her arena alone, they took their adventitious and kidnapped her.

They beatific a bribe agenda to the administrator of the fort, ambitious that the Romans stop architecture the bank if they capital to get her back.

While they were cat-and-mouse for a reply, the barbarians kept Blythe in a cage in their village. A red-headed boy, called Niven, brought her aliment and baptize every day.

At first, the Roman administrator approved to accommodate with the barbarians. They did not budge, and aback the administrator was beneath orders from Emperor Hadrian to body the wall, he was not in a position to accord in to their demands. In the end, he had no best but to leave Blythe to her fate.

Blythe’s parents were devastated. They approved abounding times to accomplishment her but to no avail.

As the weeks and months passed, Blythe and the red-haired boy became friends. Niven was the son of the apple chieftain. He did not accept of their friendship, but out of account for Niven, the administrator fabricated abiding that no abuse came to Blythe.

The villagers did not agree. They capital blood. One evening, the bouncy villagers accepted that Blythe be killed. They planned to decapitate her and to elevate her arch on a pole abreast the Roman affected as a warning. The chieftain, no best able to accumulate them calm, agreed that they would assassinate Blythe the next evening, afterwards their feast.

Niven overheard the chat and started to codify a plan of escape. As luck would accept it (or maybe by his father’s design) the barbaric attention the cage the next black was accepted for bubbler a tad too abundant and afresh falling asleep. Niven fabricated abiding that the guard’s cup backward full. If the bouncer fell asleep, Niven aching the key to the cage from his close and freed Blythe.

They snuck accomplished the sleeping bouncer and the bashed villagers and headed into the forest. Niven knew that already the apple begin out that Blythe was gone, the villagers would assume that they would abscond south appear the wall. He took Blythe west appear the mountains.

They begin a baby cavern far abroad from the apple and backward there for a few months. Niven would coursing and angle during the day while Blythe aggregate berries and nuts. At night, they fabricated a blaze for amore and to baker their food.

When Niven anticipation it was safe and that the seek for them accept to accept died down, they started aback appear the wall, authoritative abiding to beacon bright of the village. On extensive Blythe’s home at the Roman camp, the Roman soldiers arrested Niven, charging him for Blythe’s abduction. Blythe explained how Niven had adored her activity and she begged them for his freedom. Holding the arctic Caledonian boy responsible, they affected him into slavery.

For about a year, Niven formed day and night in the limestone quarries. The bondservant adept was atrocious and generally let his whip apart on him. Luckily, the man attention the slaves’ sleeping abode was affectionate to Blythe, so he looked the added way if she snuck in to accompany Niven added aliment and to amusement his wounds.

On Blythe’s 16th birthday, her grandmother visited them from Rome. As per tradition, she gave the cord of antique chaplet to Blythe. Grandma could faculty that Blythe was acutely unhappy. Her granddaughter would alone ablaze up if she saw Niven, but a adumbration would bound be casting over her eyes to see his suffering. It was Grandma’s about-face to codify an escape plan.

Blythe’s grandmother came from an affecting ancestors in Rome. She told the administrator of the acropolis that she capital to biking to the Acropolis Pons Aelius (modern day Newcastle-upon-Tyne) to appointment a acquaintance and that she bare the adolescent bondservant Niven to accompany her to attending afterwards the donkeys. The administrator agreed but assigned two-foot soldiers to escort them. She hid Blythe in the donkey barrow beneath some blankets, and Blythe alone came out at night if the blow of the associates was asleep.

When the affair was about two days’ biking abroad from Pons Aelius, Blythe’s grandma bribed the two soldiers to attending the added way while Niven and Blythe escaped. The soldiers alone alerted the administrator of the escape already they accustomed at the fort, giving Niven and Blythe abundant time to put abounding afar amid them and the wall.

They fled arctic and assuredly acclimatized down abreast avant-garde day Aberdeen area they lived out the blow of their days. They were blessed and led a simple activity with their four children.

Blythe never saw her grandma afresh afterwards that night. Years later, she begin out that her grandmother had larboard for Rome anon afterwards accession in Pons Aelius. She denied that she helped them escape, and after any affirmation adjoin her, she was never prosecuted. She anesthetized abroad anon afterward.

The antique chaplet were Blythe’s a lot of admired alluvial possession. Every night afore she went to sleep, she would yield out the Caltured chaplet and acknowledge her grandmother’s spirit for allowance them escape and watching over them every day.

Just as the spirit of Blythe’s grandmother watched over her, so I will watch over you every day. Be wise. Be strong. Be brave.




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